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How They Work


The MotionGlasses™ address the root problem and resynchronizes your internal balancing system. 

Eye-Ear Connection

Motion sickness is caused when your inner ear senses movement, but your eyes fail to validate this sensation. The liquid fluid inside MotionGlasses™ moves as you do, re-establishing the eye-ear connection.

Masterful Engineering

The MotionGlasses™ are to be worn once you feel the onset of motion sickness. This solution is effect in 95% of cases after wearing the glasses for just 10 minutes. At which point the glasses can be removed (We know they're not the most stylish)


I get really awful motion sickness. Like Horribly Bad! I purchased the Motion Glasses and was very skeptical about it and the claims it would "cure" Motion sickness. To my suprize,Not only was I able to enjoy the entire flight without one bit of nausea, but I even took photos from the plane window (night flight), was able to read, enjoy videos and music, and even ate on board!

Sarah M.

 If you suffer from motion sickness, sea sickness or even car sickness this is the product for you! Personally I love boats but I have always had to take medication for seasickness to enjoy them. Medication always caused drowsiness and didn't always help. but these glasses did the trick. I actually plan on buying another one so I have a few on the boat for others who suffer.


Such a cool product! You literally can just wear them for 10 minutes and my motion sickness is gone for hours. I got one for my friend and she loves it too! Kinda looks funny aha but it defiantly gets the job done and is better than any pill!


Get in Motion™

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