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How The MotionGlasses Work

The Problem

Here at MotionGlasses™, we had one goal in mind, to give people a natural solution to the common problem of motion sickness. We went deep into researching what causes motion sickness and how to best combat whats happening within your mind.
Motion sickness is caused by a conflict between visual perception and balance perception (the inner ears in particular). In a car, boat, plane or train, the eyes often fail to register the subtle movements occurring in which your inner-ears are picking up. This unfortunate disconnect between your senses forces your brain to attempt to make sense of the situation. The result is a disorienting and debilitating feeling of motion sickness, which comes over many people in a predictable manner. 
Motion sickness affects 21% of passengers on planes, 39% of the passengers on the road, and up to 66% at sea. Quite a staggering number when we read this ourselves. Although there are various solutions in the form of drugs and other medications, these solutions simply treat symptoms and lack a targeted approach to addressing the root cause. There is a clear lack of a proven solution to relieving motion sickness at the root. We aimed to do just that with the MotionGlasses™

So How Do MotionGlasses™ Work?

MotionGlasses™ are composed of 4 rings filled with an FDA Approved colored liquid. The level of this liquid varies according to the moves of the vehicle and creates an artificial horizon in the user’s vision. Which re-synchronizes the eyes with your internal balance system. Essentially it’s validating what your brain is sensing (through your inner ear) with what your eyes are seeing, creating a motion-sick free feeling after just 10 minutes. This solution works in 95% of cases, but we cannot guarantee these will work for everyone, unfortunately. Due to this we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't get the results you were looking for.  This technology has been around for several years, and MotionGlasses™ is one of the first to bring this amazing product to the mass market. 
NOTICE: The MotionGlasses™ are also not to be used with any motion sickness medications as this nulls the body’s internal balancing system and ruins the mechanics of the glasses.
Computer screen of the MotionGlasses™

Steps for Using The MotionGlasses™

  • Put on the MotionGlasses™ as soon as you start feeling the symptoms of motion sickness. (Very Important)
  • Take them off when everything is back to normal, about 10 minutes later.
  • Enjoy the rest of your travels with the freedom to go anywhere on anything!

Child wearing the Anti-Motion Sickness Glasses | Motion Glasses